Organic – Seasonal – Regional


Our farm is organic since 1992 – many of the products we use in our hotel, we produce ourselves.

Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner our guests will always be able to enjoy our own products such as milk, butter, cheese, honey, bacon, salami, hard sausages, beef and pork, as well as game from the St .Oswald hunting community and much more. In the summer months you will also find crispy salads, carrots, beetroots and all sorts of other vegetables from our garden, as well as all sorts of aromatic herbs from our two herbal gardens. You have to try our popular house soda, which we create in the summer with different herbs or our own ribes.




What makes our products so unique?

  • During summer our dairy cows are brought to the pasture every day. You are welcome to join us!
  • Our mother cows and calves spend every summer on our pastures between 1700 and 2200 meters above sea level
  • Our alpine pastures and fodder plants have an extraordinary diversity of species with many valuable herbs
  • During winter our cattle only gets summer harvested hay, as well as some fermenting food
  • Our bull Max takes care of his offspring in a natural way
  • Our animals are gently slaughtered and processed on site, without stress; there are no transport ways. We have our own slaughtering and processing room, several cooling chambers, a smoking chamber as well as a maturation chamber for our own sausage or other food products
  • Many of our products are hand made
  • Our traditional family recipes and preparation
  • We have many years of experience, love and devotion
  • Convince yourself! We invite everyone to accompany us with our farm work or other daily activities at the farm, in the fields, pastures or in the forest

Why don´t you swap the fitness center for a bit of alpine workout?




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