More than Honey


Already in the 18th century empress Maria Theresia recognized the importance of beekeeping. Thus, in 1775, she issued a law which exempt beekeeping from taxation. This measure contributed to the promotion of beekeeping and along with it fruit cultivation in the duchy of Carinthia. According to the law, every farm needed to have bees. At the Hinteregger farm beekeeping was always operated.

But in the middle of the 1970s, with the death of our great-grandfather Sepp Hinteregger, there was no successor for beekeeping. Around 50 years and 2 generations later, his great-grandson Martin with his girlfriend Stefanie again showed interest in apiculture in 2016. One year later, the old bee hut, that great grandfather Sepp had built, was restored.

For Martin and Stefanie beekeeping is more than just honey – it became a real passion. Did you know that up to 100,000 bees live in one bee hive, that bees only live about 6 weeks in summer and up to 8 months in winter? In autumn, all male bees, the drones, are thrown out of the hive. Beekeeping is exciting and diverse. In today’s world, where we hear more and more of colony collapse disorder, it is more than ever important to protect and preserve these furry prickly skinflies. In order to create a greater awareness for the importance of bees, Martin and Stefanie have developed their own bee and beekeeping seminar. Since 2017 this program is available for schools and will be offered to other interested people in the future.

You can enjoy the honey from our bees at the breakfast buffet. In addition to our own honey, we produce delicious honey schnapps and in the future certainly also other product for our guests.



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