In winter, it is often bitterly cold, especially at 1400 meters above sea level. And so all of our animals have to move together a bit to keep warm. In the summer of 2017, we have built mini farm for our petting animals, where all animals find wonderful place. The three Minishetland ponies (Aunty Emma, ​​Rosinante and Gipsy share the stable over the winter months with the goats Alfred and Peter, as well as the mini sheep Pan.) Also our two mini pigs Murmel and Baloo are accommodated here during the winter months. Between the main stable and the mini farm, our 5 rabbits also find their quarters for the winter. Hinteregger’s mini-farm can be reached and accessed from the outside at any time. Our little ones are happy about every visit. Especially the goat Peter will greet you loudly. Directly in front of the mini farm is a cozy bench on which you can sit down, to enjoy the warming sunshine.



Murmel and Baloo, our two mini pigs, belong almost to the family. The two are real freighters and you can meet them in the summer months mostly on the Brunnachhöhe where they enjoy their time around the Alpengasthof Brunnachhof. There they eat the juicy gras, tease the cows in the pasture, wallow in a mud hole or simply lay around in front of the Brunnachhof. They always came running back, when you call their names or whistle, since they do not want to miss out on a treat. In the spring, autumn and winter, they spend their time at the Hinteregger farm in the valley, where they like to be petted.




Aunty Emma, ​​Rosinante and Gipsy have found their way to our farm in 2017. They are miniature Shetland ponies and enjoy it when they can spend their time at the pasture. Soon they will accompany our guests on some hikes.



There have always been goats at the Hinteregger farm, because what would be a farm be without these naughty mind-boggling creatures. Even if they sometimes moan a little too much, it never gets boring with goats.

Our dwarf gouat Peter likes to spend his days outside enclosure and only returns home for night time or when it is raining. He is rally cuddely and always looking for attention. Most times he can be found around the playground. His colleague is the complete opposite of him, Alfred is rather shy and you need time and patience to become friends with him.